We believe in the image and the ability it has to compose memory materials

We work on the composition of scenography with the care of the one who paints a canvas

What we offer

We are specialists in military history and costumes, being able to collaborate not only providing props and equipped reenactors, but advising in other facets that can contribute more credibility to the production

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  • Units

  • Civil War
    • Milicianos
    • Gudaris
    • Soldados Nacionales
    • Requetés
  • Second World War
    • Gernika Battalion
    • French Foreign Legion
    • Red Army
    • US Army
    • US Air Force
    • British Paratroopers
    • SAS
    • Canadian Army
    • Maquis
    • German Army (Coast Artillery, Heer)
    • Italian Army (North of Africa)
Photo gallery

Sancho de Beurko

Asociación Sancho de Beurko Elkartea

Association for the study of the Civil War in Euskadi and Basques in World War II


Iron Belt

Cinturón de Hierro de Bilbao - Bilboko Burdin Hesia

Cataloging of heritage elements of the Bilbao Iron Belt


Fighting Basques

Figting Basques

Project of memory of the participation of the Basques in the Second World War