About us

(2006-2014) The beginnings of our collaboration with the audiovisual media, the Civil War

Our Historical re-enactment group was the pioneer in the representation of this period not only in Euskadi, but throughout the North and was born in 2006 when the producer of “Digytal Audiovisuales”, Javier Gutiérrez (who had followed the meticulous research work of the Civil War in Euskadi that we carried out in the “Sancho de Beurko” Association since 1998, with several published books, articles, etc.), contacted us to propose to participate in a documentary for EITB called "Diario de un gudari". In the Basque cinema, with the exception of the feature film dedicated to Esteban Urkiaga "Lauaxeta" ("A los cuatro vientos", José Antonio Zorrilla, 1987) and some scenes from "Vacas" (Julio Medem, 1992), nearly no scenes of combat of the period 1936-1937 had been recreated, and less for a product of these characteristics, which we thought should be based on British scenery, and so we proposed to Javier. His response was that if it was credible it could be tried. That was the beginning of an intense collaboration with the audiovisual sector that has led us to take part in numerous productions, of which we highlight the following:

  • Fully equipped reenactors

  • Vintage props of all kinds

  • Historical advice