What we do

(2014-2018) A project based on the composition of scenography, the "Fighting Basques Project"
From 2013 the activity of the Association drifted to the Second World War, starting with one of our most dreamed projects, the Gernika Battalion, with a view to the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of the Pointe de Grave (1945-2015). Our first trip (of a total of four) to the scenes of the battle for the liberation of the Médoc took place in 2013 and we participated in the events of 2014 and 2015, the latter with the participation of the Lehendakari Urkullu and the institutional presence of both the Basque Government as the Regional Council of Aquitaine. The project "Fighting Basques" has given us during these years the necessary maturity to stage the Basque presence in the most diverse scenarios of that conflict, having composed French, North American, British, Russian and also German scenography, being the only Historical Re-enactment group of the country capable of covering such a broad spectrum, beginning in 1936 and ending in 1945. During this period, emphasis has been placed on photo shoots with the photographer Jesús Valbuena @Tejeval with a high historical content, based on the consultation of numerous sources and, mainly, in our own research, which relies heavily on memory and family history, an activity that has led us to collaborate with the New Digital Media program "Todos los apellidos Vascos", a format that had very successful in EITB. All these scenographies will be reflected in a book about the Basques and the Second World War that will be published shortly with the prestigious publisher Desperta Ferro.
  • Fully equipped reenactors

  • Vintage props of all kinds

  • Historical advice