What we offer

What does our Association offer to the audiovisual media sector?

During all these years we have shown that we believe in the image and the ability it has to compose the memory materials of that lost generation, so we have always been willing to collaborate with this sector, within the limits of our possibilities and time, since we are a non-profit association and not a company. That is why we prefer productions like the short film and the documentary.

Within the period 1936-1939 we can compose groups of gudaris, militiamen, requetés, national soldiers, etc.

Within the period 1939-1945 we can compose Foreign Legion, mountain troops, maquis and Army of Liberation (France), Army and Army Air Corps (USA), militias and Regular Army (USSR), paratroopers and SAS (United Kingdom), Coastal Artillery and Heer (Germany) and North African troops (Italy)..

We are also specialists in military history and costumes of this historical period, being able to collaborate not only providing atrezzo and equipped re-enactors, and also advising in other aspects that can contribute with more credibility to the production. We work on the composition of scenography with the care of the one who paints a canvas.

Our motto is rigor and friendship and our commitment is seriousness; we have a group of a ten people, depending on the role to be represented. Our goal is not participation in public events, but the composition of characters that give credibility to the researches of the Sancho de Beurko Association. That is why we are immersed in a process of renewal of our re-enactment group, which is composed mainly of young people, in tune with the type of character that is required to represent at all times and always with the utmost respect for that generation of men and women.

The contact for interested parties is sanchobeurko@gmail.com

  • Fully equipped reenactors

  • Vintage props of all kinds

  • Historical advice